Monday, 12 March 2012

Is IDEA Blade comes with 512MB RAM ?


         The main Confusion Starts when, someone thinks to buy IDEA Blade. Specially in India right now there are two rebranded versions of ZTE Blade are available, one is DELL XCD35 and second one is IDEA Blade. DELL XCD35 launched in the middle of year 2011,initially DELL XCD35 sold as GEN1 Blade, with 512 (H/w) RAM but only 256 RAM unlocked means Practically only around 160-190MB RAM for use, but late November DELL starts Shipping GEN2 Blades with complete 512MB RAM unlocked,

           But in case of IDEA Blade, this Blades are GEN2 Blades, but the actual h/w RAM is 512 or not is not revealed yet , till date IDEA Blades comes with 256MB RAM unlocked i.e. 160MB to use.I'll update you guyz as soon as i found out the truth, if IDEA Blade also has 512MB H/w RAM we can unlock full 512 RAM by (Total Phone Transfer)TPT Flashing, you can refer this link for details.

So stay tune for more updates... !


  1. Hey...
    Finally got a confirmation about the RAM.
    It is 512mb RAM, which can be unlocked uxing TPT method.
    There was a lot of confusion among various websites. So, I directly contacted ZTE India (18001031900), and they assured me that the device has 512mb harware , which can be unlocked by using TPT. If u have doubt on my words then do check it out urself.

  2. Woahh.. thats good news !
    Has anyone tried TPT Flashing yet ?

  3. does this method works... ???
    can someone confirm it??

  4. @Mohit Raj
    Sounds interesting, have you in the mean while tried TPT to get 512 MG RAM on Idea Blade ?

  5. Any one have successfully fully unlocked 512 RAM on Idea Blade?
    Please share


  6. can anyone tell me the best & easiest way to flash my IDEA BLADE by TPT method...pls provide me the link...thank u

  7. My Idea blade is gen2 mobile.... My Mobile Camera is not working.Only video recording is work my mobile. My camera flash button is not activated on screen. pls help me...